The easiest way to build your own genetics database

AbacusBio's AniCloud database system means you can have an animal recording program built your way

Cloud Based

Safe, secure data that can be accessed anyway, anywhere.

Optimize Breeding

Maximize breeding potential with informed decisions.

Hassle Free

Intuitive, user friendly interface that suits your requirements.

Anywhere, Anytime

Build and access a database of knowledge on any device.

Built to your Needs

Customized recording events to gather data on what you want.

Data Visualization

The ability of Microsoft Power BI is utilized to present data in an intuitive and informative fashion.

Optimize Your Breeding Strategy Today!

Under your direction, out team can customise an AniCloud database to fit your needs. Your new data system will have the traits that matter to you and data entry that works in harmony with the real stuff happening in the paddock.